Running a virtual summit is unlike anything
you’ve ever done online.

And that’s a good thing.

A successful virtual summit can leverage
your business to new heights.

It can...

  • Grow your email list and expand your impact,
  • Create long-term relationships with other leaders,
  • Develop a source of active and passive revenue, and…
  • Solidify your position as a trusted expert in your industry.

We know you have big goals for your summit and the connections and influence to gather incredible speakers and powerful programming.

But here’s the thing: without the right tech infrastructure, your summit is about to come to a screeching halt.

Tech glitches from the get-go. A sales page that stubbornly refuses to process new sign-ups. No way to get paid or track affiliates. Emails that don’t get sent out on time - or at all. Websites that can’t handle the size of your audience. Broken links. Overwhelmed servers.

It’s enough to keep you up at night.

Breathe. That’s why you’ve taken the first step to ensure your summit’s success.

The Virtual Summit Tech team will take care of all the tech details so that your virtual summit runs smoothly.

Meet Jaime Slutzky

Hi, I'm Jaime. I know virtual summits are an incredible way to catapult your message, grow your list and reach new goals - so my team and I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs (like you) to leverage your summit and share expert interviews, actionable lessons and passionate stories.

Our mission is twofold:

  • to provide a high quality, tech-glitch free summit experience for your attendees
  • to provide you with the comfort to truly be present at your virtual event

Running a virtual summit is unlike anything you’ve ever done online. With detailed back-end processes that includes customized WordPress websites and carefully synchronized content releases, a virtual summit has a much higher level of technology integration than a webinar or online course.

The Virtual Summit Tech team will ease your anxieties, square away all those confusing and complicated tech details and, allow you to be fully present in order to actually enjoy your summit.

Here are just some of the things that we do:

  • Install, configure and design your WordPress websites for optimal efficiency and results
  • Design and implement your landing pages, sales pages, and sign-up pages to get summit attendees in the door easier
  • Embed video content for scheduled releases
  • Create a tech & content delivery timeline to make sure that your summit runs smoothly
  • Coordinate video production and image resizing/editing
  • Design and implement specialized pages, like All-Access Pass pages and Affiliate pages
  • And much, much more.

The truth is that you can have the best marketing team, the most connected and captivating presenters, and the most powerful programming, but the success of your virtual summit hinges on your technology.

Nothing is worse than having your content queued up only to stress over inadequate and inefficient websites, emergency tech glitches, and emails that won’t send as scheduled. You need to have a team you trust so that, when the moment comes to step out and share, you’re ready to shine.

With Virtual Summit Tech, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Diana Rowan of said recently about our team leader, Jaime Slutzky.

Ready to learn how the Virtual Summit Tech team can support you and your upcoming summit?

Setup a complimentary call with Jaime.

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