In 2008, Malcolm Gladwell wrote “it takes 10,000 hours to become a master…” imagine how quickly you can become a master at your craft if you spend the next three months building and executing a virtual summit that is 100% focused on your business growth!

Hosting your own virtual summit will allow you to spread your message, in your voice, on your terms to thousands of people who are ready to hear it.

I’m not going to lie, hosting a summit is a lot of work but the benefits to your business can be phenomenal.

Before we get too much further, take a moment to think about your mission…

What is driving you to consider a virtual summit? Is it:

To become seen as an expert?

To impact the lives of others?

To funnel your new audience into

A membership program?


Small Group programs?

One-on-one services?

To make significant money?

To broaden your horizons?

To create passive income?

The good news is your virtual summit can do any and all of the above (and more) for your business.

Running your first summit is going to require a laser focus on that mission. And it’s going to provide your business a solid footing for the next chapter of growth and prosperity.

Regardless of your industry and how tight your niche might be, the true power of the summit is in the exposure you will receive. If you are just getting started sharing your message (and making money online) then the summit is going to give you instant street cred and you may be perceived on the same level as many of your speakers.

What does this mean?

It could mean that people will feel confident recommending you as the go-to expert since your summit has elevated your status within your network (and exposed you to new communities.)

Or you may be invited to speak because someone saw your name alongside the experts you interviewed on your summit.

How about when your business becomes intrinsically linked to the message of your summit?

It could also mean that the list of engaged and inspired summit attendees will fill your courses for the next year simply because people know-like-and-trust you!

Whether you have been in business for a few months, years or decades, your virtual summit is going to elevate you to the next level ~ hang on this is going to be an amazing boost for your business!

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