Wahoo ~ you’re thinking about hosting a virtual summit in the next 3 - 12 months. I’m so glad you’re looking for the very best tools to make this vision a reality… and thrilled that you know that having the right tech in place will make the process that much easier!

Virtual Summit TECH is your BFF for summit implementation. From project management and tool selection to website development and system integration, our services allow you to be fully present with your attendees and speakers at your event… and that’s the best way for your summit to grow your business.

Now that we know how you’re going to be the amazing summit host you envision during the summit, let me tell you a secret -- there’s an amazing course that is designed to give your summit idea legs, and a path for those legs to run on and for the sake of continuing the metaphor it also draws the finish line and takes you across it 😉

That course is Virtual Summit Mastery by Navid Moazzez.

Navid Moazzez ran several successful summits which launched his lifestyle business, he then created VSM to teach others the methods and strategies that underscore summit successes. I am both a VSM student and partner. I have a referral relationship with Navid Moazzez. We have a mutual interest in promoting one another, and with the launch of VSM 3.0, now is the ideal time for me to share how this course aligns so well with Virtual Summit TECH.

The Virtual Summit Mastery course is more than the course, it’s a community of ambitious entrepreneurs who are positioning themselves as the go-to expert for their particular craft.

I have worked with a variety of VSM graduates ~ including marketers, therapists and coaches ~ across a variety of industries including healthcare, small business and training/education.

Let’s talk money -- it is one of the measures of success -- and you’re going to be successful with your summit.

The Virtual Summit Mastery course includes an entire module on making money from and with your summit. The most basic way to make money from your summit is through sales of the summit content. VSM clients gross anywhere from low 4-figures to over 6-figures from the summit content sales ~ we call this “All-Access Pass” sales. But there is SO MUCH MORE!

A VSM graduate (and Virtual Summit TECH client) recently made enough money from her summit sales to give herself a mini-sabbatical and move her family to Hawaii. She is in an industry where continuing education credits are required to maintain your license, so she took the necessary steps for the summit content to be approved for those credits. And this created an opportunity for the summit to be an easy purchase for many members of her community.

Another VSM grad and client used his summit as the entry point to a membership site. This gave a huge added benefit to members (purchasers) in that were able to continue their learning from my client for weeks and months after the summit concluded. And for my client, he now has recurring revenue in his business.

One of my most successful VSM graduates & clients used the “speakers as affiliates” model to epic success. She started from scratch. No list. Just an idea and a partner who was able to give her introductions to the most amazing line up of speakers. These speakers are well known in the industry and have their own email lists. This VSM student and our client understood that her summit success hinged upon these speakers and their ability to share the summit with their audiences.

After her first summit, she had a list of over 15,000 people seeking the information she was destined to create and produce. She now has an audience for future summits, paid workshops, courses and to share products that can help them! All from following a blueprint and putting her heart and soul into creating the best summit she could!

And you can to.

For me, VSM is a methodology and a community. I spend time in the VSM Facebook group nearly every day -- I love seeing what topics other students are using as the framework for their summits and how they are taking the lessons and twisting them to exactly fit their niche. Navid regularly hangs out inside the Facebook group as well, doing on demand trainings and answering student questions. He makes me want to engage regularly because I know it’ll make me a better summit host.

As I said, I’m both a VSM student and partner. I will be hosting a virtual summit in December (watch your inbox for an invite ~ and if you’re not getting my emails yet, what are you waiting for ~there is a simple sign up at the bottom of this page)... but I digress....

I’ve been working on client summits, using the VSM methodology, for well over a year. Now that it’s my turn to host, I knew the only way to make sure I would have the success I desire is to go through every module inside the VSM course and follow the path that Navid has drawn. It works. I’ve seen so many people use it successfully, I know it can work for me.

I promise to do a write up of my summit early next year and share how I believe the VSM created a success trajectory!

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