What? I can get actual clients from hosting a virtual summit?

It's not just for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs -- but it can actually grow my offline business? I mean, I'm a ________________ (fill in the blank with your "title") and you think I can actually get real paying clients from hosting a virtual summit? Tell me more!

In the blank space above, I imagine that you've labeled yourself 'florist', 'chiropractor', 'therapist', 'bookkeeper', ''stable owner', financial adviser', 'yoga teacher', 'soap maker' and many more businesses that interact with their clients on Main Street, at craft fairs, at coffee shops, in studios or high rise office buildings. (You are totally not using the web to gain new clients but you're ready to start!) 

I am in the camp where I believe that everyone can host a virtual summit which will benefit their business immediately and into the future.

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The power of a virtual summit for your business lies in the after summit successes... your virtual summit will gain you credibility and authority. It will also expose your business to a larger prospective customer base.

Let's get to it...

Get more clients by hosting a virtual summit

1) Sell the Virtual Summit bundle

Welcome to the online world -- the Virtual Summit Bundle (sometimes called All-Access Pass, Lifetime Access, VIP experience or otherwise) is granting extended access to the videos from the virtual summit to purchasers. The purchasers will be able to log into your bundle portal to watch and re-watch the sessions. Usually this bundle also includes downloadable bonuses to sweeten the offer.

It is far easier to gain a new transaction from an existing client than it is to gain a new client. The purchase of your summit bundle moves that person from prospect to client 🙂

2) Have an "low hanging fruit" type offer

One of the most important pieces of a virtual summit is understanding exactly what you want your summit attendees to do after they come online and watch your sessions -- how are you going to serve them afterwards?

This "low hanging fruit" is may be an in person workshop, consult or strategy call, custom package or otherwise that has a low-ish price point. Here, the key is again to convert the prospect to a customer.

Example #1: Low Hanging Fruit

Summit Theme: Home Organization / Summit Audience: Stay at home moms in 6-figure households.

The purpose of this summit is to guide women towards having the home of their dreams so that they can spend more time creating experiences with family and friends. The experts all share their methods around home organization, meal planning, budgeting, strategic shopping, organizing carpools and more -- everything to help that mom live instead of get run down.

The Low Hanging Fruit offer is to give this mom a glimpse of the lifestyle she wants for herself by offering a 30-minute consult or strategy call. The summit host is able to position the consult as the best next step. The price for this offer is on par with some of the best 60-minute offers from elsewhere in their community, so the mom immediately sees the value.

3) Summit exclusive & limited time offer

Your virtual summit is setting you up as an expert. Showcase that expertise within the summit. This could be in the form of a solo session where you "teach something" or in a live "Q&A" call with summit participants. The idea here being that we want to give the attendees an opportunity to see that they need you and your business in their lives.

And we want to make it easy for someone to work with you --

Make your most popular product/service/package/offer even sweeter during the summit.

This may be in the form of a one-time discount, adding extra goodies on top of the package, throwing in coupons or otherwise giving a special touch.

4) Partner with one or more speakers to create a bundle offer

Depending on your industry and the theme of your summit, this could work really well. The speakers on your summit are other professionals that when viewed alongside you provide an even more powerful opportunity for growth/success from your audience.

Example #2: Speaker Bundle

Summit Theme: Planning Your Wedding / Summit Audience: Brides within 50 mile radius of host

For this summit, the host brings together numerous wedding industry experts within their 50 mile radius. These experts commonly refer business to one another. The summit revolves around helping the brides create their budget, determine their style, understand the options for venues, entertainment, clothing and more.

The host and 3 of her wedding vendor speakers create a SPEAKER BUNDLE. The invoices from each of these vendors would likely run about $1500 (give or take) and therefore the bundle price is worth $6000. The vendors have all demonstrated their expertise and when they share this bundle for $5000 it's a great deal.

It works very well for this type of summit, because a bride may select only to work with one or two of the vendors but the package helps all vendors gain more customers.

5) Sell a physical product

This may be a printed book, a done-for-you meal plan, a guide or any number of other products that will be delivered via post or parcel service. The beauty of selling a physical product is that there is a double win for you and your business... you get the sale (and therefore customer to nurture) and then the customer waits for your product to arrive and gets excited all over again when it arrives. The arrival of your product becomes the next touch point in the process of them trusting you for continued business.

Your first virtual summit is going to make a big splash in your local community. It will help you gain more clients, more sales and more visibility!


Virtual Summit Foundation

An online workshop to give your virtual summit a solid foundation!

Virtual Summit Foundation | An Online Workshop

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